Overail: building mobility today to guarantee tomorrow

The company aims to become a reference point for the railway industry, contributing to increased safety, sustainability and transport efficiency, with the awareness that any improvement in performance and every step forward in innovation and reliability serve to create mobility for future generations.


Overail: the best solutions for the railway sector

With extensive experience in the production of manufactured items for the railway industry, Overail offers a concrete approach to defining the best solutions for the national and international market: solutions that offer environmental sustainability and meet customer needs in terms of economics and productivity.


Investing in quality and reliability

An awareness that we have to be responsible for successful projects in a strategic sector such as mobility, leads the company to focus on production quality every day. Behind every product there is great attention to detail, well beyond the required standards, to ensure a high degree of reliability that maintains its characteristics over time.

Acting today while thinking about tomorrow

The company’s aim is to design a long-term vision, aware of the needs of tomorrow’s customers and of the possibilities of sustainable development. The watchword of every phase of the process is environmental protection, at all levels: from manufacture to transport and recycling.

Growing together with shared goals

The company’s constant growth must be accompanied by an increase in value that involves all those who are directly or indirectly affected by its actions. The aim is to support the territory of reference and create relationships of trust with employees, customers and suppliers.

Offering fair prices and guaranteed products

Investing in more efficient production and logistics ensures an improvement in the relationship between quality and cost. An advantageous price must never be to the detriment of our products ‘ performance.

A focus on work standards

Above all, a company must be a team in which every worker is at the centre and is supported, through compliance with safety standards, investment in constant training and the sharing of values and development strategies.

Respecting rules and ethics

The company operates in full compliance with rules and regulations, in a fair and transparent manner, aware that professional integrity and honesty are the most effective tools for becoming a credible reality and establishing valuable relationships.