The Industrial Site

Overail manages the Aprilia industrial site, a manufacturing and research centre that is an example for the rail industry in terms of technological innovation and production capabilities. It is a smart factory developed according to the industry 4.0 model, characterised by automation of the main production and control processes, and by attention to environmental sustainability, the latter being a key aspect for the heavy manufacturing industry sector.

The Overail industrial site includes several state-of-the-art production facilities and covers 284,721 m2, occupying a strategic position that allows easy access to all sites in central Italy.

The Aprilia site is also equipped with an internal railway system that connects with the Rome-Nettuno line, offering efficient logistics and environmental sustainability.

Overail industrial complex features

The Aprilia industrial site stands out for its many innovative aspects.

The new plants for producing sleepers and turnout bearers allow software control of all processing phases: from assembly with precise traceability of product element lots, to monitoring the temperature of the forced curing of the concrete and product.

The water system, designed to treat, store and monitor the plant’s supply water, guarantees the quality of concrete production and keeps the plants efficient. The water treatment system includes storage tanks and a treatment plant with two separate stations: pre-treatment with mechanical filtration and reverse bi-osmosis.

The new concrete batching plant ensures better logistics, as both the sleeper and turnout bearer plants can be powered by a single monitoring and control station. It has the advantage of having a single loading point and is also equipped with a refrigeration system for aggregates and mixing water which is essential during summer.

The Overail plants have carefully designed workspaces, optimised to facilitate production, cleaning and maintenance activities, which are essential to maintaining high and consistent production standards.

A great deal of attention has been devoted to both energy saving and workers’ comfort. For the redevelopment of the industrial site, the new roofs and cladding were made in materials with a high level of thermal insulation and the interior spaces were equipped with a ventilation system that operates through natural air circulation. All of the buildings will soon be equipped with a wireless LED lighting system that provides optimal light intensity.

Water is a precious natural resource and a strategic component in the production of concrete products and for the durability of systems. This is why Overail has adopted solutions that significantly reduce waste.

In particular, the network for the flow of industrial water has a filtration system that allows it to be recovered and reused.

The plant’s environmental sustainability is also focused on controlling energy consumption and implemented through innovative tools.

For example, the power supply to the sleeper system is controlled by a high-performance last-generation boiler and the pneumatic elements of the sleeper and concrete plants are activated by compressors with reduced energy consumption.

The new Overail industrial site has been designed to guarantee efficient logistics in managing the flow of incoming goods, internal movements and expediting finished products.

A weighing station checks all accesses and materials and logs transported vehicles and materials.

Its link with the Italian rail network makes the Aprilia site an efficient logistic-production centre, essential for central Italy. The industrial area is entirely crossed by a series of railway tracks and connected to the Campo di Carne station by a renewed railway terminal.