Quality and productivity

Certified quality

The new Overail plants have an automated control, data collection and management system, to guarantee complete process traceability and quality control for materials and the entire production chain.

For example, each sleeper mould is equipped with a chip that automatically loads not only of data on the production process, but also all information on the materials used, providing a history of the sleeper elements.

Field-tested quality

Overail products are used by Salcef Group companies to build railway and metro infrastructures. The company therefore receives constant feedback, with a great deal of fundamental data, to develop new solutions and adopt specific measures.

High productivity

The Aprilia industrial complex is equipped with innovative systems that to automate the main production processes, guaranteeing high quality standards and the highest levels of productivity on the market, to meet a wide range of customer needs.

The modular organisation of the various production facilities also allows rapid reconfiguration, to ensure constantly optimised production.