For durable level crossings and at-grade tracks.

The Atrèssu system is a significant step forward in creating durable and highly functional railway crossings. This system is designed to ensure maximum reliability on at-grade tracks accessible to road vehicles, offering a durable and sustainable solution for railway crossings.

The Atrèssu system is made up of reinforced concrete platforms and is inspired by FAST technology. This solution is ideal for railway infrastructure with level crossings and anywhere vehicles need to access rail track. It can be used on narrow gauge (950-980 mm) and ordinary gauge (1000-1030 mm) lines.

Atrèssu was designed with attention to detail and a long-term vision to ensure the utmost operational reliability.

Crossing durability
Designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, it ensures railway crossing durability.

Non-slip surface
The slab have a tread surface to offer maximum adhesion for tyres and pedestrians. Surfaces are designed to provide a secure grip for vehicles and ensure maximum safety.

Installation during night-time track possession
The system’s flexibility also allows it to be installed during night-time track possession to minimise rail traffic disruption.

No maintenance
Once installed, it requires very little maintenance, reducing costs.

Easy removal
If needed, the slab can be easily removable thanks to the separation pad and support devices.

Suitable for narrow radii
It also adapts to narrow radii, offering flexibility for various complex projects.

The Atrèssu system is synonymous with reliability, safety and durability, making it an ideal choice for modern railway crossings.

Technical specifications:
Compliance D.M. 17 gennaio 2018
Circolare 21 gennaio 2019, n.7 CSLL.PP.
UNI EN 1991-2
UNI EN 1992-1-1
UNI EN 1993-1-1
UNI EN 206-1:2014
UNI EN16432-1
UNI EN16432-2
Length 2.500 mm
Width 1.950 mm
Weight 3.580 kg
Track gauge 950-980 mm; 1000-1030 mm
Distance between rail base and upper surface of slabs 130 mm

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