To reduce vibrations on metro lines

The BI-N slab track is a floating-type system specially developed for metro infrastructure. This solution is designed to meet the specific needs of the metro system, significantly reducing vibrations caused by rolling stock.

High vibration dampening
The BI-N slab track system is highly effective in absorbing and reducing vibrations, creating a more comfortable and safer metro infrastructure.

Long lasting
Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of metro infrastructure, this system offers exceptional durability, needs less maintenance and provides a long-term solution for vibration control.

Easy replacement
If needed, replacing BI-N slab track system components is simple, ensuring operational continuity and minimising service interruptions.

Technical specifications:
Length 2.240 mm
Width 2.700 mm
Weight including fasteners 5.400 kg
Rail seats 6
Fastener spacing 75 cm


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