A sleeper designed to be used in tunnel sections.

The reduced height and a rubber pad allow the thickness of the ballast to be reduced, resulting in a greater geometric margin for the clearance gauge.

  • With USP type C, in compliance with RFI Technical Specifications TCAR SF AR 03 008 A
  • Excellent value for money
Compliance Standards EN 13230-1 / 2
Technical Specifications RFI TCAR AR 03 002 F and e RFI TCAR SF AR 03 009 B
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Sleeper weight 276 kg
Length 2,250 mm
Width 300 mm
Sub-rail height 170 mm
Centerline height 172 mm
Rail inclination 1/20
Track gauge 1,447 a 1,459,5 mm
Type of rail 60E1
Fastening system Vossloh W14
Design loads
  • Positive bending moment for the section under rail Mdr = 12.5 kNm
  • Negative bending moment for the centre line section Mdcn = 16.5 kNm
  • Positive bending moment for the centre line section Mdc = 11.5 kNm
Optional components Under Sleeper Pad (USP) type C
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