Environmental sustainability

Eco-friendly concrete production

Overail has adopted a set of systems to minimise the environmental impact of concrete production: a new concrete batching plant has drastically reduced emissions with a latest generation filters and an innovative system recovers and purifies industrial water.

Reducing water waste through recycling

The new Overail plants recover and recycle water from the production cycle to minimise waste.

Optimised energy consumption and renewable energy production

Overail has adopted a series of extremely efficient systems to reduce energy waste: from the boiler that feeds the sleeper production plant to low-consumption pneumatic systems.
The sheds are equipped with programmable LED lighting with a Wi-Fi system that constantly guarantees optimal intensity for each workstation.

Together with its commitment to reducing energy consumption, Overail has begun a green program to achieve the energy self-sufficiency of its plant by producing clean energy from renewable sources.
A new 361 kWp photovoltaic system is already active and is powering the main systems, with an estimated annual production of over 447,000 KWh, equivalent to 176 tons of CO2 emissions avoided and 590 trees planted.