Overail’s new system is full operational and supplies water to the whole industrial complex through Industry 4.0 systems.

Overail’s commitment to safeguarding the environment continues through sustainable management of resources. The new plant is designed to treat, store and monitor water used during production. It has storage tanks and two separate stations: one for pre-treatment by mechanical filtration and the other for reverse bi-osmosis.

The system has a sophisticated sensors, probes and volumetric meters to detect the volume of water consumed by each user in real time, as well as the quantity of both treated and untreated water stored inside underground tanks.

Overail has installed a fiber optic connection between the water system and the company network for remote monitoring and management, according to the Industry 4.0 model. The system can also remotely switch the components on or off, start machine-washing cycles, change treatment parameters and settings and adjust the water storage capacity of the underground tanks.
The aim is to ensure concrete production quality, efficiency and sustainable, reduced water consumption.

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